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Let us know if you're attending, if you can make it Friday night and if your preferred language is Klingon.


Saturday October 21, 2017 4pm CDT.

What should you wear? What's the temperature like in these Minnesota highlands?

Semi-formal or casual "dressy" attire capable of keeping you comfortable in 50 or 60F weather. With breezy wind, probably.

We've been told, "its not typically rainy season" by this old Owl that hangs around the resort. (Or maybe Bryce dreamed that?) Anyways, shouldn't be too damp and we've got an alternate room if it is.


We'll have buffet style serving including your choice of Wild Rice stuffed Lake Superior Whitefish with cranberry cognac cream sauce or spinach and mozzarella stuffed chicken breasts with roasted tomato sage sauce. And a vegetable. And a salad.

Activities and Events

Friday October 20


Join us in the morning for one of the many guided hikes they offer. We'll let you know which one we think is the best.


Join us for a toast on top of the mountain at 5pm.

Dinner & Bonfire

Dinner on your own. Moguls and Papa Charlie's are the closest options. After dinner we will have a bonfire at the lodge.


We are registered at Crate and Barrel for a few essentials, but we really don't need a lot of stuff. What we would love is the opportunity to go on an adventure together and you could help us do that by donating to our honeymoon fund. We have decided on Italy!

If you would like to contribute to our adventure, you can either gift directly to our honeymoon fund at The Knot.com or our mailing address is 1411 Grand Avenue, St Paul MN 55105.